I feel so sick.

I havve a sinus infection for sure… My head is throbbing, my face is sore. My nose is stuffed up super bad. When i try and clear it out, my ears pop so bad they hurt. My throat is sore, and what is worse, im starting to cough.

I got sick last year, i should be good on the getting ill front for another year… 😦 Ok thats not so true. I get a cold every fall, i get the flu every other year… The flu is horrible for me. I have Athsma so when it moves into my chest i get really really sick. I got the flu when i was pregnant with Brennan, try having hypermeis, being 7 months pregnant with a monsterously sized child, and getting the flu so bad you couldent walk without getting sick. Wow that one sucked. I got the flu last year, in November, wait no December, it had to be, there was snow on the ground. Ok it could have been November. And i got the flu when Brennan was a year old. Last winter it was hard because Conner wasnt eating solid foods yet. Tony stayed home from work, and brought him in the bedroom every time he cried to nurse so that made being sick easier.

But this just sucks. I always feel bad for people when they get sick, inside im thinking thank heavens i dont get sick often. Oh but here i am. Feeling crummy with my head pouding.

I was laughing because i actually found a box of tissue in the closet. Last winter my sister went to school, called our mom saying she was sick. So rather then drive 5 miles farther out of her way when she allready works 25 miles in the opposite direction. She drove my sister the 3 miles to my house and she stayed here. She brought her own tissues. Rebecca wasnt sick. Shes just a typical then 11 year old wanting to get out of school. So i made her play with Brennan all day long. Candy Land, V smile, books, coloring. Mom Applauded me. I could have put her to work in my kitchen but i figured making her play with her nephew worked out great.

I allready have the evil mom part down well eh.

I am upset however. I had two photography jobs this weekend. A family from Church and one of my neighbors 5 month old ( ok he is almost 6 months old) Im so frustrated that on a semi decent day outside. Hey its not raining. Im all dizzy and stuffy. I dont want to get anyones kids sick. That would be really bad… So im going to let my kids run wild today. Just do whatever they want to do, and then probably Edit Abagails session from a few days ago… Im still so bummed out though.

My face is throbbing, so im going to go make some salt water to FIRST garggle and then snort. It helps clear out infected crud in the sinus;s. Downside… it hurts like crazy. 😦 Well i better go. My kids are awake, and its all of 9 am…. I couldent sleep because my head hurt too bad. And that is with a new pillow! Why is it when your head hurts your pillows feel like rocks?

Oright, im out.

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