Well the apartment we had called on wont work for us. It seems almost every apartment we call wont rent to people with children. Mostly because they have upstairs units and kids are too noisy.

I understand that chilren are noisy. They run, stomp, jump and play loudly. Heck i see my own children be very loud… I try to keep them quiet, and for the most part our neighbors havent had a problem. A few times, when they are being super obnoxious… But then im trying to quiet them down before the neighbors even say anything..

In any event. We were crossing our fingers for this one. Not the greatest of locations, but everything else was perfect. But again,wont rent to people with children for an upper unit…

Its very discouraging. Its probably the 5th place that has told us this. So as you can imagine, we are quite stressed out. Aside from the not so pleasent neighbors having fistfights in the parking area at 11 pm after 3 hours of screaming at one another ( exes fighting ) and  the issues, staying in this place just isnt in our best interests, or that of our kids…

However we get the money in 2 days… We wanted to have a lease signed about the same time. So that we could move our things over, and have enough time to clean this apartment. As it is, we have 2.5 weeks thereabouts left. I need to start packing big time, and start cleaning. As much as i can with all the boxes in the way..

I really dislike moving. Especially when im feeling so uncertin about where im going to go… I dont know what is going to happen. I keep praying for an answer… perhaps its just not time yet? I dont know. Time grows short and we really dont have a family member to turn to if we cant find a place before our term is up on the last day of this month…. So i just keep looking, praying… something, anything will come up.

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