Brennan goes to school.

My great big boy started preschool yesterday. While some dont consider it to be the start of “real ” school. To a little boy who has never been away from his parents or grandparents, this really is school. It has classes and a playground, breakfast and lunch. Its very exciting.

Brennan went off to school with bearly a backword glance. We took him in a bit early because we wanted to make sure he had time to adjust.  But we didnt really need to wait around much. We helped him hang up his coat and bckpack in his cubby with an elephant on it. Then he ran around the room looking at things again and decided to play in the kitchen. There were no other people there so the teacher let him. Conner helped too. He threw plastic eggs.

My mom came by too. He gave her a quick hi and hug before playing more. When the other students came in we decided to go. Brennan bearly even noticed. Just shouted his goodbyes and asked for a hug and kiss. But he was at that time afraid to talk to the other students. For my normally so outgoing child it was a bit of pause.

He came home on the bus, they required my ID so they had to hold him there untill i ran back upstairs and grabbed it. Then he came home. He was sooo excited about his day. Told me that he saw William and Arielle ( our old neighbors) there. That he got to play outside and have lots of fun.

He is a bit worried about going to school this morning. I think it has to do with riding the bus and just the act of going to school itself. Its very new and exciting. Overwhelming. 🙂

Im so proud of Brennan, he did so well. He is growing up so fast. That is a big overwhelming for me too.

What a change from my little baby, so long ago.


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