Busy busy

Yesterday we had an end of the summer family BBQ. We had a decent turnout. Probably around 15 adults and 10 children. Not including myself and Tony.  Anyway i had a great time visiting with some family members i dont see too often. Of course i took the opportunity to take a ton of photos. Ive started putting them up in my photoblog so you should go see more there. But for now here are a few.

Kia and Mikayla



Oh you know, i didnt catch this guys name. He is my stepfathers, cousins, son.



My sister, Rebecca

And Kia

No photos of the kids this time, i didnt edit any yet 🙂

Im slowly posting them into my photoblog. right now there are kia and mikaylas photso up. Rebeccas will come soon. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Busy busy

  1. goodness, in a heartbeat I would love for you to be able to capture my children on film! You have truley a beautiful touch with the camera! =)

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