Oh the choices

Well it seems that we might not be able to do as much with the dividend as we wanted. Granted its a huge chunk of change, but when the husband needs 3-4 thousand of it for his work… it goes down very fast. T works for himself and does VERY well in his job. He makes double what he did in the same position with an hourly wage. In any event, we might have to buy a second car.

Not that I can drive or anything, but we were faced with the possibility that Brennan might need to be picked up from school once in a while and Tony wont always be able to just stop what he is doing and go get him. Not without there causing issues with his job. He might be working with his stepfather but he still has a job to do. I dont think Brennan will have many issues but he might.

In any event it REALLY messes up our budget if we have to add in a couple thousand dollars for a second vehical. Tony needs his for work.  We only had 2 thousand dollars of wiggle room, ie spending room left over from the total. And the one car we know of for sale is that at asking price. That is without anyone looking it over for problems.

Im really stressing, while we are getting a huge amount of money ( for us) we arent going to have any left over. Tony needs the things for work, in order to support us. We were planning on paying several months rent all at once plus deposit and the last month on this apartment. I dont know where to cut corners on the things we were going to buy…

Our largest “indulgence” was a bed. A real brand new bed. Something we havent had before. It was oh so comfortable and had an oh so scarry price tag. But oh was it ever so comfortable. We allready agreed to save some money and downsize from a king to a queen. But its not enough. We might have to go for a less expensive and comfortable bed in order to make some fincial things work properly…

Truth be told. We arent buying much of anything with the dividend payout… A home for a few months, tools and a trailor for work… It adds up to about 85% of what we are going to be bringing in… Ive allready scratched the amazing bedroom furniture off my list… and am still hopeful for a couch that dosent hurt your back to sit on…

I know the one thing we CANT give on is the things tony needs for work and 3 thousand dollars for a new apartment…. So i might have to forgo a nice coat, a new camera lens, and some sweaters for winter… but by god we will figure this mess out….

As long as i learn to drive before winter.. get my license.. get over my paralizing fear of driving and getting into an accident, oh yeah and have something to drive.

What fun.


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