Sigh, im feeling really down this evening. I know it dosent happen overnight, jumping into a buisness… Everyone who i talk to says start with your family and friends…. Problem is, my family dosent take me seriously and i dont have friends…

Im talking photography again, Yall can tune out if you want to.

I dont think anything makes me happier then taking photos. Putting a memory down, in a place where it can be displayed for anyone. To treasure and remember. I cant even explain what it feels like to someone else. That is the way it makes me feel.

I just dont feel like i have gotten a start anywhere. Ive done portraits of all my neighbors that ive asked them, or they have asked me. People forget, ill bring it up again and again because i love to do this… Sigh, but it hasnt worked yet. Im not getting friends or relatives of anyone ive done pictures of saying they want them. Just people from the blog universe… Which sucks…. I know there are a million other people out there who do portraits and perhaps that is why it dosent work so well for me…

But ill keep taking pictures of my kids. Offering to ANYONE who wants them. Free of charge lol. Unless you want to donate. All images can be printed for you or i can give you a CD…. sigh…. I need to stop being so discouraged. Thats for tomarrow… Tomarrow ill feel better. Ill pull the pictures off my camera and edit and feel good. But for tonight… Im discouraged… Not too sure if anything can really change that.

Well im off to bed, its nearly 11, way past my bedtime. Have a blessed evening.


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