Missionary Meeting

I enjoy writing about when i meet with the missionaries. When they come i really feel good about it. So we talked and im going to be baptised on the 13th! Im feeling really good about it.

Except they asked me to decide on who should speak at the baptisim… Its wow, gosh i dont know. I know the one family whom ive gotten to know since going. I actually know a second family whom i rented a duplex from 3 years ago ( fancy meeting you here) but that is it. Its so, wow, i know the missionaries, and i dont even know their first names! So i dont know. They said they would help so that is good.

I feel good tonight, very uplifted and happy. Even Tony was feeling really good and we made a few desisions together about things… So yeah. We feel good.

Now if we can only find an apartment things would be awesome. Well i need to get going. Conner woke up in the middle of the meeting and is now wanting bed and there is a fantastic book that is screaming my name.

Have a blessed evening.


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