Cat Box

Ok having a huge problem with the smell of Cat pee.

I know the box is clean, i emptied it out and refilled it compleatly about 12 hours ago. BUT my whole house smells like cat pee like my cats have been using the box for a week without it being emptied.I never go more then 4 days before i sift the litter out.

I dont “think” my cats are peeing in the house. They did one time in my room when we left overnight and somehoe they got trapped in my room, so they peed in one spot on some clothes. Which really sucked. I tossed them. But they haent since. But this is really bugging me. My whole house smells so freaking terrible. So any ideas on a good air freshener that helps rid the smell of cat pee? Or ways to help the cats pee NOT smell so damn strong.


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