Of Moving

Ohh moving is no fun at all. I feel live ive packed so much stuff and yet why is my house still so full!!!  I plan on getting rid of so much stuff but gosh is it a huge mess in here. We have 2 weeks untill the divvies get in, and im planning on getting an apartment then. Then i have 2 more weeks to clean this house up. But i found out that as long as we have the house clean and our rent paid, we will get our deposit back and a good reference.

Sigh, i just dont know what to do in the house right now, Its still messy and i want it cleaner and yet… I dont know what to pack. I dont know what to get rid of. Im so cluttered its insane. I dont like it at all.


Oh well i better go clean and pack. 🙂 Have a blessed day.


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