What makes me so angry…

Ok, now i need to rant. Im sure i do it often but this is one that most all parents who might read this can agree on.

My neighbors really pissed me off. They told me, that they dont feed their kids ANY kind of fresh produce. in fact its so expensive that they wont even go near that side of the store because the kids cry for fresh foods but its too expensive.

I will give you that in Alaska, fresh produce is more expensive then in the rset of the states but thats not what gets me.

The parents are druggies. They are both into pot, meth and possibly cocaine. I say possibly because its known that they sell iot, not that they do it. They are so into drugs they cant feed their 14, 13 and 3 year old fresh  food once in a while. And you should see their house. Its revolting. Im not the best housekeeper but i try my hardest to keep things picked up and cleaned up. I would never allow my animals to use the corner as a bathroom. And their dog is monsterously huge. Its piles are the size of my head. Its really gross.

Not to mention, CPS ( child protection services) have been called on them now TWICE, the first time, they blamed it on our old neighbor who is kinda a friend ( her son and mine play well, both 4 though her boy is a bit older) this time they are torn between it being ME or her. For one, i have NEVER called CPS on them, although i should have when i saw that crap. Next time ill get photos because its just beyond….

They are just terrible parents, What drug addict who spends all their money on their habit and half the time cant even feed their children properly deserves to have kids in the home?

I try and keep my nose out of other peoples buisness, i really do. But its so hard when you know that such sad things  are going on in that home. I consider myself a pretty selfish person. I like to spend money on me. i like to spend it on my kids. And yeah sometimes i do turn the tv on and let them watch it so that I can use the internet or take a shower. But you know what, my being a bad parent in those ways is nothing like what they are doing.

The bible says not to judge… But i cant help it. Everyone tells me I look down on those neighbors, and i do.

Its them, the way they are, how they act. Another neighbor does pot, and she is a great mom to her almost 1 year old. Works full time, in a daycare where he son goes, does things with him, takes him out to play. And yeah she does a drug tool. But she is a good mom. Its not the drug that makes those people bad parents… Its how they are….

Ive been debating even writing about this. After all, what buisness is it of mine… I guess the anger just gets the most of someone…

I dont know what to do anymore…


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