First Haircuts

So recently Conner had his frist Haircut. I wrote about it here. Anyway they gave me an adorable little card with his hair taped inside and ive been trying to decide what to do with the card. Should I scrapbook it or put it in his baby book.

Well both are good ideas. I keep the baby book relativly up to date. It might take me a while but i have most of the information filled in for both boys. But i allready have a small lock of hair taped in the book from his frist trim. Different from first haircut though. It was from a bang trim.

On the other hand putting it in a scrapbook is a good idea, because i can leave the card as it is and it will stay protected. Only problem with that is that I do digital scrapbooking. Its on my computer…

So what to do what to do…. I dont really know. But i do know i need to do something with the card soon before it gets lost. We dont want to loose that little bit of baby hair. 😦


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