Words of Wisdom.

That was todays topic for our meeting with the Missionaries ( Tony hates it when i say lesson). The Word of Wisdom. Basicly the word of wisdom is all about our physical helth. This is a great topic for my family. We eat rather healthily. We are good with our veggies and whole grains. I make our own bread, my mom puts in a garden and we all benifit. But we all have our little….. sins i  suppose.

Mine is pepsi. Oh lord how i love pepsi. Its a sad sad little addiction of mine that i cant get away from. Ive tried quitting before and do so well when im pregnant, but for me, there is nothing better on a hot day, then a cold soda. Specially when im thirsty. Seeing Caffine is on the list of no nos. I need to give it up. Im going to try some caffine free soda, is that OK? In any event, im going to work on my caffine addiction. Sadly side effects of cutting down caffine and eventually cutting it out are rather painful for me. Blinding migranes… Need i say more on to WHY its NOT good lol.

For  Tony its smoking. He has smoked for almsot 4 years now. The first Christmas after Brennan was born i left him for a short time. Not even 2 weeks. In that time he picked up smoking and hasnt given it up. Though we have tried. It hurts his health, but moreso it effects mine. Im athsmatic and when he smokes around me, it starts headaches, makes my chest hurt, ill start wheezing and coughing after a while. Ive tried to deaden myself to the issue, but its very hard. He is now on some medication that is helping him quit. It works as long as he remembers to take it.

The other things that the word of wisdom speaks of giving up in pertaining to the body, Alcohol, coffee and tea and illeagle drugs do not pertain to us though tony will drink an occasion coffee when he is tried. Just another thing to restrain oneself from.

As to eating of grains, fruits and veggies, well my kids adore those things. We eat them very often and feel there is nothing wrong with continuing to do so. Specially as its reccommended. Im sure my son, eating wheat pancakes with fresh blueberries in them will agree.

Well i should get going, i need to get a few boxes packed before bedtime. Have a good sunday all.


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