I need a rant moment

First off to anyone who reads this, this was not a comment made by anyone who reads this blog. It was made on another blog. Second, i am not targeting anyone, i just really need a moment to rant.

Here goes.

Do you know how increadly insulted a person feels when this comment is made. Those are WONDERFUL photos, your camera takes great photos, what kind is it. This is a direct comment from my private blog ( the one that is 8 years old)

First of all.My camera is a great little camera, but it is ONLY a tool. The photos i take are good for several reasons. One i have worked for several YEARS learning how to take photos, challanging myself. reading, learning. making friends who are much better then I am. And im STILL learning, and i will be untill im gone. Second, I know how to post process. This is the time consuming work that you pay a private photographer for. The HOURS i spend digitally removing bruises, or food, or pimples, or freckles on a girl who hates them ( me) or whatever. Making the eyes pop, making the colors truer or brighter. THAT is why its so pretty.

My camera… it does a TINY amount of work. It captures the RAW image of what is before you. Meaning its the basics, no extra anything, just stops the motion of real life. The camera does the job of impriting what is going on in front of it into digital files. From there, I do the work. I add the color, the life, the pop, the sparkle and if its missing. I invent it there!

I am so tired of people saying how good of a camera I have. Know what, i bet you cant tell which shots are done with one of my P&S VS my Pro Grade camera. Know what, i pull off crappy shots with the big guy too. And i pull off amazing shots with the P&S. It all depends on the moment. Granted i pull off 90% of the good shots with the big guns but still.

Its really insulting to be told you have such a good camera. Because put my camera in the hands of someone who dosnet know what they are doing and the shots dont come off well. Even my husband, with a camera on a tripod, settings allready set and he can mess up the photo, Just by pushing the button. Its more skill then just holding down a button. Its determing apature ( focal points) exposure ( how light or dark the image is) the ISO ( shutter speed) framing, compasition… its more then just holding a button. Why must people insist that it is….

Like i said, im not mad at anyone, im just so frustrated that i got told this AGAIN. Most people who read my blogs know me, they know how ive worked to learn, took a job in a studio that i didnt like just for expierence, paid out the wazoo for my camera, lenses, books and other acessories and will soon be adding more. Sigh, i dont know.

When i got the comment, I did as i always do, thank them for their kind comments, reply with what camera i happened to use at the time and mention that i have put alot of time and effort into learning photography and such camera skills dont often just happen when a person picks up their camera from day one. Usually the person dosent even realize how rude they are sounding….. At least to me.

I feel much better now, and a bit silly about being so grumpy. I was probably a bit rude to the person who made the comment. I couldent help it… I should apologise because it was really rude…

I have other things to say, but lets not muck them up with my ranty pants entry.


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