The Elders I have been speaking to with the LDS church asked me if we were ready to be baptised. He actually said, he felt it was time. On one hand its only been a few weeks, about 4 meetings with them, maybe 5, and we have only gone to church one time. Personally i dont feel like i am quite ready and im not sure my husband ever will be.

For all Tony speaks and agrees at the moment, its later on that he feels like he is wavering. And perhaps that is effecting me as well. He has been so against religion for so long, that even when i mentioned months ago i felt like i wanted to go to church he was so against it that i just dropped the subject. Now he seems to be ok, he went last week as well, But im not so sure he is ready to be a part of it. I know he made mention several times of just dropping me off.

In any event, i joined a forum that a E-Friend is part of. Natural Living for LDS’s. There are even two ladies from AK on there, though i only have seen one active. When the Elders asked me if i wanted to be baptised and confirmed, i didnt think to ask what prepare ment. So i asked the ladies in the forum. They were oh so kind enough to let me know what its all about. Prayer, of course, letting go of sins, reading the Book of Mormon, and quitting any inpurities that you put in your body. Oh know we all know what this means. Lina must quit drinking soda.

Ive always PLANNED on it. I just never seem to manage to acomplish that. But here is a huge light saying QUIT! QUIT! And so this is it guys. Talk me through this, I have about enough soda to last a week and a half and thats it….. Can I do this? I have to. So ill need alot of support from the penut gallery ( THATS YOU!) because for 10 years, ive been oh so terribly addicted to soda… and i like it alot…..

And to other preperations. Reading my chapters, going to church, sunday school and sacrament. And any other bad things in my life.

Oh and im happy to admit. I bought 3 skirts today. And im wearing one of them! I had to buy shorts to wear under because i feel so naked in skirts, even though they are long skirts, but the shorts make me feel better. So yayness for skirts. 🙂 I feel so girly… i havent felt so girly in a while. 🙂

I know that this is right for me. That after so many years i finally feel like im part of something importaint. Something right. I want that for my children. And the Heavenly Father is telling me, that this is right, and this is what you need to do. I feel it. So this is what i have to do.

Blessed be Everyone.


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