Coupon Savings

Well im addicted to facebook. I wont deny that. In fact my friends call it Crackbook because the games are so addicting there.  I have a ton of them and i really love to play them.

Anyway i love a good deal too, who doesnt. Ill tell you, im terrible about using coupons but THIS just MIGHT tempt me a bit more.

Facebook has an application that now has coupons on it!

What fun is that. I mean seriously, now i can check for coupons when im playing my games.  Now like always, you have to weed through what they have and align it with what you need. But hey, the more, the marrier. I just love having the opportunity to print them out and maybe use them. I did 4 today lol. Thats huge for me. SOOOOO check out facebooks new app that lets you print coupons.

Other Coupon sites you might want to check out include

CoolSavings I go crazy over their free samples lists too.

Coupons Dot Com


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