Well my neighbors son Tristan, ( about 10 months) has Hand Foot and Mouth disease. Second child in my complex to have it, although Bubba ( see previous entry for photo lol) had it about 2 months ago. Bubbas case was strange, after all, he is home with his daddy, but dad meets lots of… charcters lol. Tristan however is in daycare, the one where his mother works, and she is dumbfounded how he got it poor thing. Says they clean everything constantly. I figure, Tristan, being a baby, mouthed another child and caught it that way.

In other news, as my mom was taking the boys for their latest picture appointment at Walmart. ( I dont know WHY she cant accept that I can take BETTER photos then Walmart) I started chatting with the photographer. Its great when you meet someone who loves what they do, and better yet, you love it too! Well the challenge of her wedding came up and she asked me if i have done any wedding photography. I was honest. I havent done a wedding, i have done wedding portraits when i worked for the studio 2 years ago. But i have many wonderful friends on here who have done weddings, gotta love the world of blogging. And i have many ideas.

She told me about her wedding. Its going to be small, probably 3 hours long, 20 or so people. I can do that. So i left her my photo-blog so she can see my latest work. Half of which is missing hehe. But it is super exciting for me. and Shameless plug here, Go visit LPPhotography and see miss Abagail, 4 months old and her eyes just keep getting bigger and bluer. Shes almost 5 months now, and as soon as my 50 prime comes back, we are heading back outside. The season is almost over here in the north, so we must enjoy while we can.

Well I must go and get dressed and get the kids ready. Im going to Church today, and im really nervous, so an hour and a half might not be time enough lol. Its gotta be though. So off I go. Be back soon!


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