My 50 mm prime lens came in yesterday. I have been spending every avalible minute trying to learn how to use this properly.

Its so different from using a zoom lens of any kind. Right now its just so new to me. I have to figure out it. Plus it being a different type of lens, prime vs zoom, its a whole new world for me.

At the moment, i need to get a new subject, my kids dont particularly like to sit still for a few minutes while i take pictures of them. And my second fav subject, my neighbor Dezi, is grounded for the next 4 weeks. So shes out. Hopefully i can con one of my neighbors into letting me borrow one of their children for a while in order to take some pictures.

Im rather obsessed with taking photos if you cant tell. I adore photography, and i think my family is a bit  over photographed. I think that my neighbors think im a bit insane, but oh well. Its a passion.

Anyway here is a photo taken with my new 50 mm prime lens. Without anything but the most basic of editing done.


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