Of Doctors and things

Today Conner goes in for his 12 month check up. At the ripe old age of almost 14 months. Yeah im a bit behind. I kept forgetting to schedual it.  He gets weighed, measured, and checked over, then we go home. Pretty soon we will be starting his delayed vax schedual and will have to go in more often. While we are there, however, i need to get a copy of Brennans shot record in order to get him into school. Hopefully he is all caught up ( again i dont know, bad me) Or im going to have to go back sometime this week to get him caught up. Which means my husband misses another day of work.  he is seething that he had to miss today. His stepfather wouldent even let him work a half day! How stupid is that.

Oh well…. Its our finacial asses on the line not his. But he can be a vindictive bastard if he wants to. Oh well.

Well i need to get my kids cleaned up, dressed, and ready to go to the doctor. I should have made the appointment earlier in the morning.BOO. So im going to get going, and try to figure out how i can make some money so i make up for Tony missing this day of work.


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