Whats your Secret?

Mine is that i have a very hard time dealing with my children sometimes. Ive battled with Depression for many years, most of the time its under control ( a few times a month ill have a bad day, extreme sadness, crying over everything,) Dealing with that has left me with a rather short fuse and an easy temper. While i never hurt my kids. I can get angry easily and yell alot.

So how does one deal with a situation like that?
Call Nanny 911?!?!?!

Ok that is my own little fantasty to do that. Call them and have them teach me how to work with my kids. Because lets face, i dont know about you, but my instruction manual got lost in the delivery of both my sons. Anyone have a spare?

In all serousness, calling a reality tv show dosent work to deal with kids. Time and paitence do that. Sometimes i dont have the paitences, othertimes i have the paitences of a saint and can take it. For hours. My husband has no idea how i can listen to the screaming of my once colicy baby who still can have screaming fits. Without even batting an eye.

Mostly I suppose i need to learn how to manage two kids with strong personalities. My older son being aggressive, dominant, and very inquisitive. My younger one on the same path as his brother and quick becoming like him.

Behaviors such as hitting, biting, pulling hair, are commonplace in my home and they need to stop. So here is my secret. I dont deal well with my own kids. Anyone elses and im great. But mine?? I cantgive them back after a few hours, im stuck with them, So Heres my solution… I gotta fix that. I gotta get myself under control, learn to deal with my kids and myself. And not be so angry…

Whats  your secret today?

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