Playing house

So we decided on a kinda floor plan hehe. Its going to be an A-Frame. If you dont know what that is. well then ill tell you hehe. An A-Frame is a two story house, which has a very steep roof. The wood that is used to put up the roof is also the cealing. Where in a regular house you use Trusses. Which are filled with insulation between the trusses and the cealing you see. So the bottom floor will have 1 or two bedrooms, not sure yet, there is room for two. A kitchen. a bath and a living space. The second floor is only a 3/4 floor. Making our living room have a huge celing. The top floor is at this point 1 room and a half bath ( toilet and sink only) Later on, we might make it two rooms, or a room and a sitting area. But for now its only one room.

We will be using wood heat, which means we need to find a good heater, and fans. Wood heat is SOO much cheaper then electric or gas with the prices of both of those. We can find enough wood for free ( we did it winter before last) to get through a winter. Even in AK.

Ive kinda picked out the kitchen cabnets, although we wont be buying them for a while. I know what colors the bedrooms and one bath is going to be lol. Its all alot of desisons that I get to make. Its like playing the sims and building a house, only this is going to be MY house. Not a game…

ITs alot to take in.


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