Ill admit i have two huge projects going on in my life irght now. One bigger then the other.

The first and smaller of the two is the birthday party for both my sons. Now i wanted to have a pirate themed party as my older son loves pirates. But now with the addition of the second and larger of the parties, im not sure if i can do it.

The second project is building a house. We plan on starting small right now and picking up small bits and pieces for the walls and floors throughout the summer, then in the fall when we get our dividends ( october)getting our lumber package delivered and throwing up our house in less then 2 months. There is a reason. In october our lease is up, and rather then spending 1600 of our divvies on rent, we are hoping to find a place to stay or borrow even a motor home or something to live in while we throw up our house. The other reason for the hurry, is in october, it freezes, by the end of the month there is snow. So its a rush to get that stuff done.

The thing is, we need to save all the money we can throughout the summer so that come fall we can get as much for the house as we can.

But really do you have ANY idea how huge of an undertaking it is building a house. Granted nothing we get for it at this point will be new. No new appliances or cabnets ( we probably wont even get cabnets for a while) everything we can get will have to be found as cheap and secondhand. Probably through craigslist or second hand stores. Our salvation army has tons of working appliances for relativly cheap. The only thing we have right now, is one cabint for the bathroom, and a washer and dryer. Everything else… we have to find.

Its massive. Its almost frightning. Those are the things we need to get by the end of summer. We need a toilet, tub and kitchen sink ( even though we wont have running water till next winter, my MILs house is literally a stones throw away, we are talking 100 feet or so) So some of those things can come through the winter. A stove, a fridge, light fixtures, hopefully a dishwasher.

We went into homeDepot and picked out the flooring, its enginnered bamboo, cant have real bamboo in AK, too much moisture. We got books on cabnets so we can pick those out for eventually. Starting to decide on wall colors, i allready decided what im doing for the boys room. Im going to paint the lid blue and sponge paint clouds. The walls im going to draw on a forest. Maybe toss some momkeys into the trees. The living room is going to be deep green or deep red. The bathroom is light blue and cream. Our room? Well i dont know yet lol.

Its a two story house, with a half ” loft” for the second floor, leaving the living room with real cathedral cealings. Its just oh my god. My own house. Even through it wont be finished, and next summer we have to put in a well and septic, and i dont know what else. Its huge, its going to be half finished for a while. But it will be ours, rent free, on property with our name on it. and its ours.



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