Bandaids and Boo Boos

Do you have a band aid and or boo boo policy? Ive been adopting one of late.

Brennan is quite the drama queen when it comes to getting hurt. Even at 4 he is a ” i fell down and even though there isnt a bit of blood on me, im dying”  The sad thing? He picked that up in the last month from our neighbor who is a few months older. He also picked up some other less then desirable attributes. Like tattling and screaming and pushing his brother.

But ive started adapting a boo boo policy that helps keep the peace. Fist off we picked out band aids that he wanted. Diego, spongebob and a few other themes. While i would have prefered stars and bright stripes. Its not about me. Even when his boo boos arent bad. Ill let him pick out a bandaid and then he gets 5 minutes to cuddle.

For a younger child i would get a boo boo bunny ( check it out, its adorable) or other similer product that can be used only when they get owies. Having something expected in place, even when the boo boos arent really bad, can make a child feel better. Just knowing that mom or dad is going to be there with a band aid and some love or a boo boo bunny and some cuddles. Even add in the boo boo book, kids will take comfort in that regular routine and eventually stop crying over the little ones. After all, why waste the band aids, they might really get hurt and need them.

If a child gets seriously hurt and needs to go to the doctor, it might be worth it to grab the boo boo bunny and book on your way out. If you child expects those items when they get hurt, it might be a bit upsetting not to have them in the cold scarry world of a hospital. Those small items can really help with your childs comfort. Especially if they are used to them.

Its just a thought. I love the boo boo  bunnies and books personally. I know ill be picking one up as soon as i can get to the store.


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