Birthday Party

Because i was financially unable to have a party for older son last month and things are going to be very tight for my younger ones first birthday next week. Ive decided to have a joint party in July for both of them.

I actually decided to go with a theme party. I know its really over done since the movies, but i know how much fun my older son has pretending he is a pirate. So im going to go with a pirate theme. Ive been checking out priate themed parties online and at party supplies stores like Oriental Trading Company. Right now, im just so excited. Ive been researching games to play as well as inventing my own versions of games that are adapted to a pirate themed party.

Im going to talk to my mom about having it in her back yard where it is large and lots of room. Plus there is a playset out there that could be the pirate “ship” Or strong hold. If not, while i dont have a grassy yard, i do have a area where the kids could play. They would be dirty in the end and I would have to figure out a way around some of the games, but i can make anything work.

I will be making my own cake. Ive been brousing online, the different ideas that other people hae done for their pirate cakes and im not sure which one im going to attempt to make my own, but im getting lots of ideas.

At the moment, everything is in the planning stages. Im writing down lists of things I want to do to put together for the boys. Getting game ideas written down and looking at sites to get decorations.

I still dont know if i want to go with a party pack from OTC that includes decorated plates, or just get red and black ones.  How much of the party favors i need to get, how much of this and that. I just dont know at this point, its still in the early planning stages. As i just woke up this morning wanting to do this themed party for my boys.

Im so excited. If you have ANY ideas, dont hesitate to share them!


2 thoughts on “Birthday Party

  1. Pirate parties are so fun. My link goes to one of my blog posts for pirate party games and if you search the blog you’ll see other pirate ideas too! I even wrote a whole Pirate party ebook if you’re interested!

    I hope it’s a great party – I bet it will be! Enjoy!

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    We will also have a $100.00 prize for the best kids birthday photo.

    As far as a pirate idea – can you make a pirate boat out of a big piece of cardboard?? Let the kids row it. Buy some cheap bandannas and eye patches for each child? Any lose change laying around? Hide it all over the backyard and let the kids go on treasure hunt using old/donated pillow cases.

    Have lots of fun!!!!! That’s the most important part.

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