Hair Cut

Its such a… hard thing when your baby gets their first hair cut. It really is. Its like cutting away babyhood and letting them take on childhood. Every time i look at my little guy, i dont see my fuzzy baby anymore. I see a little toddling child who is into everything and now looks like he should be. Makes me sad, miss his baby days, before walking and talking ( kind of talking hehe) before teeth and crawling even. Back to warm fuzzy little baby who wanted to be held and played with. Now its let me go mom, im BUSY!

Sigh, sad times indeed.

Ill admit, he looks cute with his new grown up boy “doo. But i still miss my baby… So without more ado, here are some pictures.\

Before, my shaggy boy.

And after, his mom made hair cut. ( i need to trim a few places when he falls asleep next hehe)

He just looks all grown up now. My little baby is such a big boy. He will be one in a week. But still… he should have stayed a baby longer.

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