Cats are strange creatures. Ignoring the watering dish, Snickers and Banshee both are lapping up water from a plant i accidentilly over watered. Its quite funny to see them both crouched on my window sill, lapping at a small 6 inch pot of pansies. They sure are amusing.

When i got the boys, i became apperent that snickers was the dominant brother and Banshee was the more timid of the two. However that aggressive behavior landed Snickers tied up in a glue fly trap which involved a huge bath, sissors and a tramatized cat that took nearly a week to come around to see humans again. I would leave food out for him but never saw him! In that time, Banshee became my best friend and shadow. And he got his name hehe. He follows me everywhere wailing, softly, yet still wailing. Every time i sat down to nurse the baby, he was on top of me, nuzzling, sucking on my teeshirts and soaking up the love.

I saw another side of this timid little boy then. Following me into the bathtub even, he would sit on the edge and lick the water that came too close, he never got wet, but it was adorable. Once Snickers came out and about again, i noticed he had a terrible knot on his ear. Picking at it, i found my boys had earmites too. So yesterday i got them all cleaned out. And now Snickers is again, afraid of people. The poor cat. He is so timid now. I just hope he will come out of his shell and be the same happy boy he was when i first got him.

All in all, the brothers are great little cats to have. Super friendly for the most part. A bit on the timid side, but great with my kids. Im really happy that i took them in.

Snickers is in the back with the purple collar, and Banshee is in the front with the pink collar ( their previous owners thought they were female and got them girly collars, i just havent replaced them yet.)


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