We are now talking about building a house. My mother in law has a good sized chunk of property and there is an area out there that would be nice for us to build a house on. It would be rent free ( half of the property taxes each year which is 600 dollars) and we would always have home security.

This means that we have untill october to get the sonotubing in the ground, save up money, and build a blueprint. Then come October, we have the whole month to get the entire house build including the inside finished so that we can live.

The downside, no running water or plumbing of our own. But the main house would be right there in which we can get and store containers of water for cooking and eating. We can use the washer and dryer and the showers in the house untill next summer when we would punch in our own well.

Believe mei know well the problems of living without plumbing. I did it when Brennan was a baby, and he used bottles. It would mean only have a bathroom that you can pee in, and only in emergencies, having to truck through to the main house in the winter when it can easily reach 40 below zero. Not being able to wash clothes, dishes and take a bath when you want to. It means knocking to go into the main house to use the toilet. Waiting and sharing to do laundry ect. Yeah it does have its drawbacks, BUT it has some pluses too.

No rent, or cost of living other then our utilities such as phone, internet and cable/satalite. It means customizing our house and all the money Tony earns through the winter can go to decorating our house, making it better, saving it for summer and plants to add on to it. It means having a SAFE area for my kids to play including a yard. It means having my own gardens, a swingset for the kids. It means always having a home.

Sure in the begining it would be hard. We have no credit cards so we cant go and use them to buy everything. I doubt we can get a loan through our bank to make it, so we have to pay out of pocket for everything and it needs to be nearly finished for us to move in. From framing, to electrical, plumbing needs to be put in even if we dont have a well, septic, even if the toilet dosent work. floors, walls, everything has to be done. Its a crunch thing. Tony would still be working at that time so he has to build this all after he puts in 12 hour days at his construction site.

But it means MY OWN HOME!

And i can share 2.5 acers with my inlaws! There is plenty of space to hide in lol.

Anyway its great news for us!


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