My baby is going to be one in a bit over 2 weeks…. It makes me want to cry. Im so sad to see the last little bit of babyhood dissapear. He has teeth, hair, walks, even says a few words here and there. And his first birthday will come and go soon. My babies are growing up. A year and 4 years… Time passes so quickly by that im left wondering what happened as i stand in the dust of their ever changing presence in my life.

Soon my babies wont be babies in any way. Brennan will be starting school soon. And then he will be a child, growing, changing, learning. And ill loose that much more of him. I know its natural to want to stop time and keep your babies little forever. Just as i know there is no way that it could happen. I suppose in the end, you just wish that you can keep them small forever.

I dont remember how small Brennan was as a baby, it was 4 years ago. I have the pictures. Its all i have left of the babyhood he outgrew. And someday, thats all ill have of conners babyhood too. Photographs and faded memories.


I want them to stay small forever.


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