Getting a Job

Ive decided its time for me to look into gettng a job. Aside from our finacial situation being in the crappy end of the spectrum. Im really starting to need that time away from my kids and my husband. Conner is 11 months old, by the time i get a job he should be about a year. Brennan was 11 months old when i went to work for a few months. Really i need to get away from everything. I have too much work, too many responsibilties here and i just need to get away from them for a bit. Besides i actually enjoy working a bit. Im not talking about full time 40+ hours a eek. Im talking more like 3 days a week, MAYBE 8 hour shifts then, but im hoping more like 6 hour shifts.  In any event, im hopeful for a job in a portrait studio somewhere, but frankly ill take a garden center somewhere too hehe.


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