My baby herbs are coming up quite nicely. The first tray was planted on the 24th. out of them 1 pot of 3, and 10 seedlets of 12 have sprouted, 2 were not planted. So far, there are some pushing an inch tall! I cant believe how fast they have sprouted, much less grown so big in just 6 days! Of the other tray, planted on the 28th my green onions have sprouted up. But they are in a dark kitchen with little natural light. Im clearing a spot near the sunny side of the room for them. I expect them to spring up massivly soon. Just so you know, i container garden because i live in a third story apartment. Sucks, but you do what you have to do. My pots are growing nicely and i will have some healthy herbs this summer. Even some strawberries and veggies in there as well. For information on growing herb gardens inside, see this link.

Mostly im just happy to be doing my part, what i grow means less we have to buy. While its not much, it certinly is SOMETHING. Plus i do alot of my gardening at my mother and my mother in laws houses, They both have large gardens. My mother especially has beds of raspberries, rhubarb and other sweets. Then there is the large veggie garden and she is putting in a greenhouse this year so we can grow larger tomatoes and other more tropical foods. Some of my herbs will go into her garden. I help her, and get some of the food. Its all a little bit hat i can do for my own good. I save money, plus im getting healthy organic foods for my family. I love to garden.

Anyway ill post pictures of my babies soon. They just need a few more days to grow bigger.


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