Life update

Brennan will be 4 in less then 3 weeks! Oh god he is growing so fast. Im not sure, but i think we are going to get him into school, pre school or something this fall. We might, i dont know how we stand on the schooling as of yet. Plus the districts we are in. UGH, Tony and I need to discuss which elementry we want him to start in and move accordingly. He is doing so well. What child his age says the things he says. He has his own set of cuss words that are approved. including shitke mushrooms, shucky mushrooms and tarner sause. Its quite funny to hear him say them. He is also so funny, while taking a short drive today he shouts out. Oh no, we are doom all of us DOOOOOMED. Its amazing that he understood the word and the context. Hes jsut a hoot and a half. Loves his new bike ( early birthday preasent) and riding it with the neighbors.
Conner… sigh, almost 11 months old. And that isnt far from a whole year old. He has some attitude on him. That child. You KNOW when he is happy, you KNOW when he isnt, he is sure to tell you. Hes been walking now for a month. He even starts to run, He calles everything with 4 legs kiii, ( kitty) loves to say Hi, (HAI) and talk to everyone, on the phone, in the halls, to everyone he sees. His smile is infectious. If you are in a bad mood, you cant help but smile back its too darned cute.

Everyone keeps asking, when do Tony and I want to have another one. NOT untill Conner is 3 at least. I have that damn inplant to keep me from getting pregnant for a minimum of 3 years. And no, im not going to buckle. Yes i do want another baby, just ONE more and im done. But i dont want them right on top of another. Brennan potty trained really easy before he was 2, night trained… well i was lazy because i was pregnant lol. But still, i want Conner potty trained, which will be next summer. I wont have a child past 2 in diapers, that is pure laziness on the parents part in my opinion. But yes, one more baby, in about 3 years, i hope its a girl because i really want one, i need that girly stuff in my life, if its another boy… then thats the way it goes. But i still want a girl. lol. But again. NOT For 3 more years.

Tony and I… well we are stressed with his work situation. He is working this week, 4 out of 5 days, well 3.5 due to weather, and a few days next week. Which will be enough to pay our bills. All our money has to go to rent, and even so we are going to be late, there is no getting around it. First time here. 😦 we have 5 more months on our lease and we dont even know if we are going to stay, we are really talking about finding a better place before summer is over. There is no place to play out here. Everoyne lets their dogs shit everywhere, its nasty i hate my kids walking in that crap. There are cigg butts everywhere, plus some of the people around here really make me uncomfortable. Of course i have a stick up my ass apperently, but even so. Thats my right. Back to the living situation, Tony will have some more time off work, its looking at half of next week and the whole week after that. THEN he should be going back to work, 10 hr days, 6 days a week for the rest of the summer. I really cant wait for summer to REALLY hit. It actually snowed AGAIN today. Talk about a pain in the ass!

Anyway i should get going, its getting late and Conner really needs to go to sleep. Even though he says no.


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