Shopping online?

I was thinking of putting a shopping cart on my blog. I make alot of jewelry and i was thinking about selling some of it. Do you know how many different companies make online shopping carts out there? There are tons of them. But i did find one that i rather liked. ecommerce software. They have some really nice features. I get to choose which of their programs work best for me. Different prices per program. Its hosted online so i dont have to download anything. You can use a credit card through them, and they have 24 hour a day life support for anyone who has a problem.

I cant say that its cheap, its not too expensive, but its not cheap either. But then again, you get what you pay for. They have alot of really nice features like easy to use, nothing to download, many different reports on what you are selling, how well you are doing. Even as in depth as the brands of things you are selling.

I like them in any event, Ecommerse software is very well rounded with gift certificates, discounts and other fun little features for you to turn on or off. It it is great shopping cart software and check them out if you are in need of a online shopping cart of whatever little craft items you make.


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