The First The First!

Its April First. Yay. April fools day?? We dont do that around here. Our kids are 3 and 9 months lol. However it means that today is food shopping day. It means that tonys birthday is in 2 weeks, it means that B will be 4 in 1 month 2 weeks and Conner will be one in 2 months 2 weeks.

OH MY GOD, my BABY will be 1 in 2 and a half months? That is so wrong.
But there it is. He says mama whenever he cries. He never just says it. Like he never just laughs, You have to tickle him to get a laugh, but then most of the time its a scream. He takes steps, up to 4-6 at a time, mostly its one then he goes to his knees, but he will be walking in no time. He is about to cut 2 more teeth, bringing his total to 6…
Sigh my baby.

Im feeling kinda crappy this morning. Had a bad migrane all night that i couldent sleep off. What is up with that. So i got up and took a shot of pepsi with some ibprofin and tylanol in it. That is helping.
Anyway its getting on in the morning and my kids are going crazy for Dora.


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