I came across a very neat site the other day and decided to try it out. Its called Smorty. What makes this site so neat is that you can use it to get paid for blogging. Its interesting in the way that you are given opportunities from advertisers and then you have the right to say, yeah i like this idea, i can write about it, or no i don’t like that, i don’t have anything to say so i wont write about it. Its your blog, you can decide what goes in it, and if you can get paid to blog

What makes this site neat, is that you can be an advertiser as well. Say you have a small at home business, you want to promote it, help sales along. Well then you can use Smorty too. Join and then set up an advertisers account. Seeing i don’t have any kind of product to sell, i don’t have one. Its pretty easy to get approved for Smorty. Basically you have to have people coming to your blog, and you have to write at least semi often. Ill start doing better about that by the way.

You get paid about every week through paypal. Making it very friendly and easy. If you don’t have a pay pal account, just set one up at their site. Its fast, easy and free. So what you are doing is advertising on your blog. and you get paid for it. Not bad for writing a small article that can take just a few minutes of your time.

Anyway I’m liking this new site. Its great, and they pay me for blogging. For writing. Its easy, its fun, and its friendly. So if you have some spare time, or if you want to try and get paid for blogging, even if you all ready blog for money, you can sign up for Smorty too. Give them a shot, doesn’t everyone like a bit extra in their pockets?


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