I went to the dentist today. Again. The same two teeth. But now they are done. They were the back 2 molars on my right side. At my next appointment they will be working on the two teeth after that. Once a month, ill be going in to get some more teeth done untill closer to july when my medical starts its new fiscal year, right before then ill be getting 2 partial root canals. Ill get both teeth drilled. Then at the second appointment (after july) ill have the crowns fitted and a third appointment to have them put in. Basicly a whole lot of dental work will be done on my teeth 😦 God, every time i get pregnant my teeth get worse. After B was born i saw the dentist several times to get fillings and corrections. I brush twice a day and wash my mouth out probably 3 times, sometimes more often. Its not fun…. but im trying. And nothing is helping. I need to go on a liquid diet and wash my mouth out after every meal lol. Maybe then it would help? Probably not, but its a fancy idea….

Oh Tony put his hand through our bedroom window last night. Some people were (AGAIN!) Smoking in the halls. And i was getting really pissed off, opening up windows and turning on my air purifier. But no matter what i can still smell it seeping in. Even my neighbor noticed that it seaps in here. Anyway. I yelled at tony to open our bedroom window. It was around midnight or 1 or something. And he pushed on it to open it and his hand went through it. He was bleeding, has some jagged cuts. And i had to clean up shattered glass. Oh i was even more pissed.
Dont people freaking understand it? Ive talked to EVERYONE who lives in my complex AT LEAST once! I say, when you smoke with the door open the smoke DOES NOT go outside, it blows inside, It floats UPSTAIRS to my house, then when i open the door it vaccume sucks it into my house, Even without me opening the door, the door is so broken that it comes inside.
I have KIDS, I have athsma. My husband smokes. OUTSIDE, even when its 20 below and blowing. He goes outside! He never would consider smoking in the halls, No more then he would burst into someone elses house and light up. Every time someone sits in the hall its like them sitting in my house and smoking. Exposing my sons. Brennan who has weak lungs since birth, and Conner who has a very small and weak immune system. All my fucking neighbors are welcome to poision themselves. But im getting SOOOO pissed off with them Poisioning ME and MY kids.

I dont ingest that poisionous shit. I dont like to inhail rat poision, pesticides, and asbestos. I dont want that crap in my body, if i did, i would grab a cig and smoke. You are WELCOME to do it. Just NOT where it gets in my kids lungs. Would you hold a cig up to your childs mouth? My neighbors are pregnant, have kids, are a bit older. And they all smoke. And thats FINE for them! But not for ME! There are kids on the top floor, there is a pregnant girl on the top floor, WE DONT SMOKE. and we dont want to.

Why the hell are people so freaking rude and uncaring as to keep smoking. This isnt a personal attack, this is me getting so fucking frustrated. Because ive asked. I have said PLEASE, nicely. and EVERYONE has said, no problem, ill go outside. Yet people still sit in the halls and smoke, sit in the hall with the door open and smoke. Im just so tired of people not being considerate.
I know i bitch about it alot. But im thankful ill be moving soon, and i will be moving into a place where the no smoking rule is ENFORCED

Anyway ive bitched enough, time to go do something productive in my house. Clean the kiddos room or something lol.


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