Conner Update

Well the lil man did have an infection in his penis. I have NO idea how on earth he got one as i change him within minutes of him pooing. The doctors said not to stress, buteven so. While at the doctor, actually a pediatric urologist, they discovered that he had two un decended testicles…
They made him an Appointment? For surgery. So those should be corrected next month.
It terrifies me, the idea that they are going to cut my 8 month old baby open. But he has to have the operation. If not, there is a huge risk he could be steral and a high risk of testiclure cancer… So it has to be done. But even so, cut open my baby… its scarry. Very scarry.
I dont know… i guess my mind is still reeling from the information… So i wont write much, i just wanted to say…


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