Sick tips

Conner is sick again, i have no idea where he got sick, but he did. For a baby who rarely leaves his house, and a mama who cleans every day, it is rather surprising.
Anyway i decided to put together a list of things you can do when your child is sick to help them feel better.

1. A Wash Rag. This is so simple, but it works fantastic. Get a rag damp with cold water. Make sure its well rung out. It does double duty. One it can cool your childs forehead, the other is for them to suck on, giving them little bits of water to keep their lips wet and help with hydration.

2. Home made popcycles. Another simple almost given thing for your child. Keeping hydrated while ill is a daunting task. Children often dont want to drink. But freeze the drink and they might be more tempted. Pedialyte, gatoraide, poweraide and even breast milk make great popcycles. Plain juice such as apple or grape should be watered down before given to a sick child.

3. Cold or warm mist humidifyer. Both of them work well to put moisture back in the air which can help with congestion. You can get a warm and/or cold mist humidfyer for under $10 dollers at Walmart. For an added boost, add some vix vapor rub or mentholatum into the water. It will steam into the air which will farther aid with the clearing of congestion.

4. Home made chicken broth. When a child is ill they need to be putting some calories into their system to help fight the cold. One of the best ways is a simple chicken broth. Put a chicken breast in a small pot of water and boil it with a bit of salt. You can, of course, make real chicken soup and feed them just the broth, however if you arent susie homemaker with a recipie for chicken soup in your back pocket. Then simple broth made from boiled chicken and water will do wonders for the child. There is something about chicken soup that really helps you feel better.

5. Saline drops are your friend. A child cant breathe through a congested nose. And babies such as mine, dont like to breathe through their mouths if they can help it. So saline drops in their nose will loosen up and break up the mucous in their nose. Making it easier to suction out with a bulb syringe. You can make saline drops as well. 1 cup of water to 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt will create a saline mixture that is just as useful.

6. Eucalyptus oil can be your friend. I have a bottle of eucalyptus oil for when my children get sick. I drip a few drops into a container with a sponge. I then put it near the heater or on top of the warm mist humidifyer, The scent helps clear up congestion.

All in all, i hope that your child starts feeling better. Hopefully it wont take too long.


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