Tonys new job is going fantastic. Its been about 2 weeks now. He was paid this past wensday for a few days. He made more in 24 hours then he did in a 40 hour work week at his previous job. Its fantastic. We are going to be making so much more moeny now. We can afford to get some nicer things that ive been eyeing. Get a niver place, one where NO SMOKING, actually MEANS, No smoking! I hate smokers in the halls, its so nasty and because im on the top of the tower, the smoke goes right into my home.

The kids are doing great. Next week conner will be 8 months old. Where the hell did the time go? Its insanity! Brennan has learned his alphabet seemingly overnight! Its due to a toy we got conner that actually sings the alphabet. But it finally clicked for him and now he sings it. He is so funny too, every time we go up and down the stairs he has to count them. Its very cute. In any event the boys are doing fantastic.

Tony and I are doing decent on a personal level. With this new job and the promise of lots of hours of steady, well paying work for this summer, im so excited to think that we might be able to do something for our anniversary for the first time. We have been married nearly 3 years, but we have been together for over 6 now. In all that time, we have done nothing. By the time our anniversary does hit, Conner will be 16 months old, perhaps we will leave him overnight, if he has stopped nursing by that time. Or maybe just dinner would be nice. But even so. Just the thought of doing something nice. Or being able to get something every nwo and then just tickles me. Im so used to living on 300 dollars more then what we need for rent, so maybe 150 more then rent and bills that the idea of making so much more is just exciting for me.


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