Its very difficult to get a mobile infant to sit still for portraits. Shooting my sons 7 month pictures today was difficult to say the least. He is fully mobile and can crawl everywhere. My solution? A old broken Cell Phone. It tied into his MVP sweater that he had on and made him sit still long enough to get a few cute shots off.

When attempting to do portraiture of small children, mobile or not, you need to have some kind of focal item that the parents wont mind being in the picture. Because im the parent as well as the photographer, its easier for me. I just pick up a toy that my son loves and if it ends up in the end result then i am alright with that option. A teddy bear that makes sounds, a rattle, or a ball will all get small childrens’ attention and hold it long enough to get a picture of their face, hopefully smiling. Or even better, an artistic picture, a child cuddling the bear, or tossing the ball. Or in my sons case today, chewing on the phone and appearing to talk into it.

Finding something to help occupy the subject is a great way to put a shy child at ease and keep a smaller more adventurous child in their seat. While giving you the opportunity to get some fun and creative shots.


7months 2 7 months


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