Pay Per Post

Did Christmas hit you as hard as it hit me? I totally blew my budget buying gifts for my two sons. While I tried to get just about everything my older son asked for. That wasn’t possible. He wants everything he sees. So while its not possible to get him everything he wants… I at least got him the things he really wanted, plus a few i thought he would like. My younger son got a few toys, but at 6 months old, Christmas just isn’t so big for him. He was far more interested in the wrapping paper.
Its hard explaining to my older son about money…. He thinks i can get anything. Frankly i wish i had half as much money as he thinks I do.

But i did find a site online where I can make some extra money by writing. At Pay Per Post you can get paid to blog While i make a few extra bucks, i can save it up in my paypal account to buy a few more things. And even smarter, save up for my sons 4th birthday. Or splurge on myself.
Anyway back to what i was saying. The site i was talking about is called Pay Per Post. Its so easy to use. I go through their site, find something I want to write about. And use their included instructions to write a blog entry and submit it to them. Then 30 days after the post is live, i get paid for it. While it doesn’t happen right away, its great to build up some extra pay pal money. For whatever you are saving for.
Give it a shot!


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