Did you know you could order Pizza online from Pizza Hut? I just did it and i cant believe how easy it is. They have the entire order online, plus online only coupons. I could order one of the traditional pizzas, like meat lovers. Or i could build my own pizza with whatever toppings i wanted. Oh man, the joy!
Its really nice, you get the option of paying in cash, or paying by credit card. Plus because you sign up for an account. You can save your information. Like your name and address. Even your credit card information. But that isnt reccomended online. You know. You can do delivery or pick up. There is a charge for delivery, but hey thats allright. It covers the delivery tip.
When all was said and done. They sent me an email confirming my address and giving me an estimated time. Which should be arriving any minute now!
Say yes to PIZZA from Pizza hut!

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