Pay Per Post

Well Christmas is coming up here soon. This year its not going to be as tight as usual. Generally in years past, Christmas has been a strained time of year for my family. Trying to make sure we have enough money for our growing electric bill and other utility’s, much less presents for our sons. But this year I found a really awesome website that allows me to write paid advertisements.

Its called get paid to blog PayPerPost or PPP. They are great, I got this blog approved there, and then I can browse their marketplace, where I can find paying jobs for writing. They say in general what kind of writing they want done. What kind of links they want in your article. You just give it a voice and put it out there for you guys, the readers. I thought, hey what an awesome way to earn a bit of extra money in the pay pal account so that I can get the boys some extra things for Christmas.

I’m just happy that I found something that works great for me. Maybe you should try it out, it will probably work for you. After all, you have a blog right? You have an opinion of things? You know how to type and hit spell check right? Then there inst an issue. So give it a shot. Couldent hurt right

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