The who can dance

Oh this is just like the who did it dance.
It starts with my brother calling my mother. And he asks, Do you think L would let B and C come with me to get their pictures taken?
My mom says. I dont know, call your sister and ask her, but i doubt she will let them go without her.
* insert me talking, Umm helllloooo C is nursing, hes 5 months old, he cant be away from me for more then 20 minutes, before he wants to nurse*
My brother tells my mom to leave the car-seats for the boys at her place, he will pick them up before coming to mine. My mom has her own car-seats for the boys.
She then calls me. And lets me know that my brother wants to take the boys to get their pictures done. Well all fine and well. Ill get them ready for pictures. But they cant go without me.
A has NO idea how to deal with a high needs child like B. Hes hyper-active, with a touch of ADD. Much less a nursing infant who always wants mom. Not to mention B acts terrified of my brother each time he sees him. Literally runs and screams.

Anyway my brother finally calls me, and askes me if the kids have dark blue shirts. Im going ***** thats about the one color i cant match to one another. He said its the only nice sweater he has. Ugh. So i rumble around and find a two piece shirt for B. Took off the patterned overshirt, it looks strange without it, but oh well. Then found a dark and light blue striped shirt for C with some navy cord overalls. Its gonna have to wrok, unless A wants to buy something else for C. Up to him, i dont have any money to spend.
Anyway i have to go, B is dressed but wont eat. C is fed but happy in the jumper and late on his nap. Im half dressed and have a towel of wet hair on my head. Me thinkith i need to hurrt.


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