Co sleeping.

I love co-sleeping with my son. I co-slept with my first son so when my baby was born it was natural to put him in bed with me. Its so much easier on a new mother or a new again mother, to just lay back down with the baby. A baby wakes up many times a night, even now, at five months, my son wakes up 3 times a night to nurse. If he slept in his own bed, i would have to get up, get him, find a place to nurse, be it in bed or in a chair. Wait for him to eat, that could take any amount of time from 10 minutes to an hour. Then put him back in bed and pat his back until he fell asleep. With co sleeping, i just get him into position to nurse and then stay in a semi sleeping state until he is done.

My first son was formula fed, and having him in bed with me was much easier too. He slept in a crib for the first two months. The process was the same as if he had been breastfed. I had to get up, get the bottle, get him, feed him, put him back, put his bottle away and then go back to bed. When he was co sleeping, i kept prepared bottles in a mini fridge next to my bed. I would grab a bottle, feed him, he prefered

his formula cold, then put it back in the fridge and go to sleep.
My children were never distrubd from their sleep. They simply started to make their hungry sounds and i would wake up to feed them.

While i would never co sleep if my husband had done any kind of drinking, we are generally light sleepers. Our babies always slept in between us with their own blankets. They are happy and healthy. For a sleep deprived mom, it is so nice to eliminate the extra steps of getting out of bed, getting the baby, feeing the baby, putting away and feeding supplies, put the baby back in bed and then going to bed. I couldent do it any other way.


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