Busy bee

Well i wont be able to update tomarrow, SO im on late at night to write 🙂
I have several new informative articals in the works. One i wrote * gasp!* by hand. Talk about crazy. Ok i was stuck on the couch nursing my lil boy and i couldent get to the computer. Im actually quite sad about my handwriting, it has really gone down the toilet.
I bought my son several things for christmas.Including an animitronic dinosaur that walks on its own and makes dinosaur sounds. Hes going to love it.
I also decided on what to make my hubby for Christmas. Im going to make him a remote holder. He plays xbox 360, plus we have remotes for the tv, surround, dvd player ect. So im going to make him some kind of holder ( probably out of fleece seeing its no sew and i cant sew, and i have a bunch laying around) that will hold all the remotes and his 2 headsets for his game system. It might be kinda corney.. but he will like it. Besides he dosent need a new watch…
The baby, well he dosent need anything for chirstmas!
Anyway i have to get going. The baby is asleep, which means i want to take a baby free, child free shower!


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