Im so selfish

God im so selfish.
All i want to do is blow several hundred dollers on camera stuff. New lenses. Get it cleaned.
Hell while your at it lina just buy another camera. After all the one you have isnt good enough.
Im mad at myself because i bought warrenty for it, and NOWHERE in alaska honors the warrenty. Its so stupid. Waste of money. But right now i need to get it cleaned and I want to get a new lens something different better. Not as big as my 300 persay, but something with a good range of options. Something that will do great for inside with the kids and outside with scenery…
GOd i need 500 dollers..
Im so selfish. I should be thinking of what to get my sons for chirstmas… and all i can think of is a camera lens…. i need a reality check.


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