25 things to scrapbook about baby

I didnt write this, i found it, BUT i want to remember it. It has some ideas that I havent. SOOO here it is!
Tip number 1: Pregnancy pages Start from the beginning and show baby what life was like before she was born. You can begin with a picture of you holding the positive pregnancy test. Kristi West, a Raleigh, North Carolina mother of two suggests that you also include shots of mom’s belly growing each month and ultrasound pictures. Scrapping idea: Write a letter to baby about how you are feeling, what life is like at the time, and your dreams for her. Tip number 2: The nurseryYou and your spouse worked so hard preparing the perfect nursery. Take several shots from different angles to someday show your little guy his first room. Scrapping idea: Save pieces of fabric from the crib bedding and a paint sample card to dress up the page. Tip number 3: Family treeIntroduce your baby to the family with a family tree page.Scrapping idea: Nora Parkman, a Plainfield, Illinois mother of two says, “I cut out a tree from brown paper then used leaf stencils. I cut all the pictures into leaf shapes and decorated with more paper leaves.” Tip number 4: First dayTake plenty of photos of baby’s first day in the world. Get shots of you and your spouse with the baby, the doctors and nurses, and all of the baby’s visitors.Scrapping idea: Kristin Bratsch from Bountiful, Utah, said that she made a page with her daughter in the hospital bassinet and put the actual ID bracelets that she, her husband and the baby had to wear on the page with sticky glue dots. Tip number 5: Welcome homeTake shots of your baby’s homecoming and first week at home. Try to get a shot of the baby first being carried into the house and any guests waiting there to greet him.Scrapping idea: Make a border across the top of the page with small pictures of all the flowers, stuffed animals, etc. that guests sent or brought to your baby. Tip number 6: Watch me growEach month, take a picture of your little one next to an object, like a favorite stuffed animal. With my one-year old daughter, we took a picture of her with roses at each month’s “birthday.” With each month that she grew older, we gave her an additional rose until she held a dozen on her first birthday.Scrapping idea: Trim closely around each picture so that you can fit all twelve pictures (one after another) on a page, and watch your baby grow. Tip number 7: Sleepy time Capture those precious moments when baby is snoozing. Get shots of him sleeping alone and those times he nods off with mommy or daddy.Scrapping idea: Embellish the page with moon and stars stickers. Tip number 8: Doctor’s check-upsTake pictures of your baby at her doctor’s appointments (at least the first one!).Scrapping idea: “I have all the checkup sheets my doctor gave us for her appointments,” says Kristin of the 5×7 piece of paper with the baby’s stats and progress. “I’m going to scrap them with a picture taken from that time frame.” Kristin also suggests embellishments like medical equipment, stethoscopes, and band aid stickers for the page. Tip number 9: Rub-a-dub-dub in the baby tubTake shots of everything from baby’s first sponge bath to his first bath in the baby tub, and finally his graduation to the regular bathtub.Scrapping idea: Use cute bubbles and rubber ducky embellishments for this page. Tip number 10: Grumpy and grouchyWe are always taking pictures of the baby when she is a little angel so for another view, take some when she is really ticked off.Scrapping idea: Try making an Oscar the Grouch or Grumpy Bear page for these shots. Or you can place the picture on blue paper and go with a “Feeling Blue” theme.Tip number 11: Body partsNora suggests that you take close-up shots of baby’s various parts — his nose, ears and eyes. You don’t want to forget that precious rosebud of a mouth or his long dark eyelashes.Scrapping idea: Spread the pictures all around the page and put a typical full-face picture of the baby in the center. Tip number 12: First owie No one forgets that first bad scrape or big goose egg your baby gets. But, just in case you do, take a picture.Scrapping idea: Embellish the page with the first band-aid that she wore or the wrapper from the gauze pad. Tip number 13: First holidays Holiday pictures are of course a must. Capture everything from your baby sitting in a pumpkin patch at Halloween to her playing with a dreidl to her holding a lit pile of multi-color tree lights on her lap at Christmas.Scrapping idea: Embellish with themed holiday stickers, or do some fancy cutting with your pictures. For example, you could shape your holiday pictures like ornaments and hang them on a tree page. Likewise, you can shape pictures like eggs at Easter and put them in a large Easter basket on a page. Tip number 14: First trips and travelsWhether it is the first trip to the grocery store, grandma’s or the children’s museum, take lots of pictures and dedicate a page to each event.Scrapping idea: Use the ticket stubs, receipts or brochures you picked up on each trip to embellish the page. Tip number 15: Little piggiesBaby toes are one of the cutest things in the world, so take several shots of your baby’s adorable feet. You also might want to use stamp pads or paint to make an impression of baby’s footprints as well.Scrapping idea: Michelle Chronister, a mother of two from Woodridge, Illinois, suggests making cute little pink pigs out of card stock and using them to border a page. You can also cut out the letters “Little Piggies” for this page to top it off. Tip number 16: Messy eaterCapture your cutie taking his first bites of baby food.Scrapping idea: Save some labels from his favorite jars of food to make a border for your scrap page. Tip number 17: PlaytimeSnap shots of your baby playing with her favorite toys, such as her exersaucer, the kick and play, or a favorite stuffed toy. If you can set it up, a great shot would be a reflection of baby looking into a mirror on one of her toys.Scrapping idea: Accent the page with silly songs you sing and nicknames you call her. You’ll forget them soon enough, so it is nice to document them here. Tip number 18: Reading timeGet pictures of you and your spouse taking turns reading to baby — whether it is his favorite book or the Sunday paper.Scrapping idea: Finally, a use for junk mail! Cut out pictures of children’s book covers from those kid’s book club brochures that come in the mail and use them to embellish the page. Another nice edition is a book list of your little one’s current favorite books. Tip number 19: Making cookies with mommyOk, so your baby may not be actually helping you make cookies quite yet, but you can still get a great picture. Prop her up in a bouncy chair and put a bowl of cookie dough on her lap and a wooden spoon in her hand.Scrapping idea: To embellish this page, make a paper cookie with a bite out of it, or use cardstock to create a bowl of dough with a spoon in it. Tip number 20: Peek-a-boo It’s just about every baby’s favorite game, so take some shots of baby playing peek-a-boo.Scrapping idea: Nora has a fabulous idea for a peek-a-boo page. She says, “I had captured lots of pictures of my daughter playing peek-a-boo around corners, under chairs, behind the couch, etc.” So she made a spread with flaps that opened. “The flaps each had a letter and together they spelled out ‘peek-a-boo.’ When you lifted each flap, it was one of the pictures of her playing peek-a-boo.” Tip number 21: On the goNow that your little guy is on the go, take plenty of shots of him crawling across the room. If possible, use time lapse to capture the shots every few seconds automatically.Scrapping idea: Trim very closely around babies body on a handful of action shots (maybe 5 to 7) and then spread them out on the paper so that it looks like he is crawling across the page. This can also be done for walking. Tip number 22: Arts and crafts When your baby is close to nine months or so, leave her in just a diaper and put her in her high chair with some finger paints and paper. Then start snapping pictures! She might have paint on her from head to toe but it will make for great shots. Scrapping idea: Use one of her completed finger paintings as the background for the page. Tip number 23: First haircutWhen your baby goes for his first haircut, make sure that you get before, during and after pictures for your scrapbook.Scrapping idea: Kristi suggests that you embellish the page with scissors or hair roller stickers. Also be sure to add a see-through envelope or bag to save a lock of your baby’s hair. Tip number 24: My favorites Closer to when your baby is a year, take pictures of her with some of her favorite things. Maybe she has a stuffed teletubbie that she drags everywhere or a favorite blanket.Scrapping idea: Use ads from the Sunday paper to cut out pictures of the items your baby loves and glue them around the border of the page. Also make a detailed list of all of your baby’s favorites at this time. Include everything from her favorite food to her favorite toy and favorite TV show. Tip number 25: The first birthday partyClose your scrapbook with lots of photos from his first birthday party. Get shots of him eating the cake, opening presents, and visiting with his guests.Scrapping idea: Use items from the party to embellish the page. For example, you may want to include an extra invitation, a balloon that didn’t get blown up, or a napkin with “Happy First Birthday” printed on it. Hopefully these precious poses to use for photos and these scrapping techniques will inspire you to make your own special first year scrapbook for your baby.


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