Busy busy

I have been ever so busy the last couple of days. Ive been unpacking my house, i spent a full day with my MIL and my kids. Then i was laid up with a migrane, that was terrible. Today im unpacking some more. But i figured i could take a break for at least a few minutes.

Ive been trying to get my youngest to take a bottle. He cant seem to figure out what to do. He sits there and lets the milk dribble into his mouth, then he chews on the nipple with his newly cut teeth. And just smiles about it. But he is so interested in the bottle. He sees it and goes crazy trying to get it in his mouth. Once its there, hes just happy to chew. Its so cute.

My older son hasnt put on clothes in 2 days. Just putting on new pajamas every day. He refuses to put clothes on. I made him the other night, so we could run to the store. Im not about to let my children go outside of my house without clothes on.

Its nearly winter here. ITs been chilly for days now. We never get above 40 degrees now. We have had it snw twice, but its melting off even as i write. But thats the way it goes. Soon it will be freezing and snowy. Nothing one can do about that.

Well I had better get back to unpacking. I have so much to go.


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