Picture Perfect

I am a photographer at heart. I worked for a while with a studio, but their photo requirements for each session ate me. I was terrible at meeting them. I always over did it. So although i adored my job, the place just wasnt for me.
Course this was before Conner-face was born.
Now i have my own personal little baby to photograph. And photograph I do.
My goodness, i thought i over did it with Brennan, doing 2000 pictures in 2 months. With Conner, im much more excessive. But the quality of my photographs has really gotten much better.
Brennan hates it when i pull out my camera, but Conner… Conner is a big ole ham for it. He sees it and smiles. If hes crying, all i have to do is make the flash go off. He stops crying and starts talking. He loves my camera. Its a huge Canon Rebel. But he adores it.
In any event, my little baby just turned 4 months old! ( Time flies)
So i would like to post a couple of pictures to celabrate my beautiful little boy turning 4 months old.


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