This month is speeding by. Literally, the time is just flying. Of course it was a very busy month for me thus far. I moved into my new house, and ive been spending so much of my time trying to get it set up and unpacked. While the house is livable, its no where near done. Mostly because i dont have any bookshelves anymore. Ugh. Well there is always Freecycle and Creigslist!
But again, Halloween is just around the corner. Thankfully both boys costumes have been stored at my mothers so i know just where they are.
Brennan is going to be Sully, from Monsters Inc. Its a really cute costume, and its really heavy. So its going to be nice and warm for our cold weather.
Conner is going to wear a glow in the dark, black fleece suit that has skeleton bones on it. Including matching mittens and a hood. It should keep him warm, even though he will spend most of the time in the truck with me while Tony takes Brennan house to house. I do the driving.

Well October is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Which most of you know.
Show your support for womankind by wearing a pink ribbon.
Or donate to Breast Cancer research.
If you have a safeway locally, you can donate to Breast Cancer Research by buying products. I bought pink and purple teethers for my 4 month old. A portion of your purchace price goes to Breast Cancer Research ( and my son got some teethers) Or you can donate any amount of money at the cash register.
Just one way to support research for something that could be preventable.


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