Teething Monster

My little man is teething so bad. He is utterly misrable. His hands are always in his mouth and hes crying half the day. I feel so bad for him. Ive been givingh im teething tablets, and they help for a bit.
The other night he was so misrable that i actually gave him 1/4 dose of tylanol to help him. It wasnt really enough, but it helped him fall asleep. It was right before i finally got him to bed. He cried for 2 hours after that, but hey whos counting.

Right now, he is happily sitting in the elbow of our couch, propped up on a pillow and singing along to the tv. Hes happiest in the morning. Thankfully, it gives me time to get online.
Anyway im sorry i didnt get any more ideas for meals up. I have several new ones that i wanna get out. I havent actually tried this one, but it sounds really good.

Maybe later when my boys are napping.


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